(8am - 3pm)

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6 Weeks - 2 Years

FULL TIME:          $375/WEEK

Mon/Wed/Fri:        $325/WEEK

Tue/Thu:                  $305/WEEK

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Twos & Threes

FULL TIME:          $320/WEEK

Mon/Wed/Fri:        $270/WEEK

Tue/Thu:                 $250/WEEK

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3 - 5 Years*

FULL TIME:           $265/WEEK

Mon/Tue/Wed:       $215/WEEK

Thu/Fri:                    $195/WEEK

* Please note that our Primary Montessori Part-time program offers THREE consecutive days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) or TWO consecutive days (Thursday and Friday), following the recommendations of the Montessori Program.


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Before/After Care

(7am-8am): Free

(3am-5am): $5/hr



Second Child at Aya           10% Off
Third Child at Aya               15% Off
Full Payment                       10% Off
Tarbiyah Parent                   10% Off

Moving Child To Aya Fee Share:  Up To $500

Payments are due every two weeks.

If aftercare is requested, it must reflect all the days of attendance registered for the main Aya preschool or day care schedule.

Tuition fees are for Academic year 2017/2018. All prices are subject to change after that.

There will be a $100 registration/wait list fee. The registration fee will cover the admission fee once admitted /or/ put towards waitlisting if the parents decide to wait. However, this fee is nonrefundable.

After admission, there will be a $50 bedding fee that will cover the cost of new bed sheets and blanket that belongs to the child and that he/she can keep.