Specialty Programs

The following programs are provided as optional tracks to Primary Montessori



It's important that the child connects spiritually with the creator. Our curriculum was built and designed by Aya's founders to make Islam part of the daily lifestyle of the child. All is taught in the Montessori method & through Art, storytelling, plays and songs (nasheed). Children will be introduced to the basics of Islamic values, habits, duaa, Creed, Jurisprudence and Seerah, taught in a fun and enlightening way.


Islamic Subjects taught :

Pillars of Belief (Iman) incorporated in specific practices and Nasheed that cover the Noble Names of Allah, the story of the beginning of the Universe and other stories. Pillars of Islam covering practices of fasting, charity, prayers, and pilgrimage.Seerah: Stories from the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with basic spiritual connections to our daily lives. Hadith: Weekly study on a short tradition/saying of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which involve memorizing and living the particular Hadith.Tazkiyah: Weekly value and discipline practice from the noble Prophetic character which involve group practices and incorporate basic playsDua Sessions: Learning and using specific supplications that relate to daily life activities

** In addition to the aforementioned Islamic studies, there is an overarching spiritual and Islamic methodology in approaching the Montessori programs. This connects Islamic values of service to God and service to society with practical life, culture and other areas of Montessori concentration.

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he "absorbent mind" of a child in early childhood education is capable of learning more than one language. At Aya, we teach Arabic with a Montessori twist. A chid will learn the arabic alphabet, vocabulary, greetings, phrases and, when ready, the child will learn how to read, all using Montessori methods and tools that we built. The materials and lessons cater to the child's previous knowledge, age-level and ability to learn a new language.

  • Stories read in Arabic that introduce new vocabulary, greetings and more.

  • Letter learning through art.

  • Montessori-styled learning to each the alphabet and reading.

  • daily one-on-on sessions with the teacher to learn and practice vocabulary.

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There is nothing better than memorizing the words of God at an early age. What is more important is understanding the book of Allah. Our Quran curriculum introduces the child to verses and their meanings through storytelling and art. Understanding the meaning helps in better memorization and in applying what is learnt in real life. The one-on-on approach makes sure that no child is left behind in the process of memorization.

  • Quran memorization that adapts to the child's age-level and speed.

  • Tafseer (meaning) of the suraas introduced through story-telling and art.

  • one-on-one sessions and follow-ups with the teacher.