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Infants/toddlers Assistant teacher


We are looking for a motivated, creative, and enthusiastic caregivers to become part of our team

AYA Montessori's team is comprised of a passionate group of educators and administrators who strive to bring high-quality education to promote social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual growth.

We offer a collaborative and supportive work environment with focus on innovation in Montessori education while accelerating our team’s professional growth. 

Part-time, full-time and Summer opportunities available.

1- Assistant Teacher Position for Infants/Toddlers


Responsible for supporting Aya Montessori’s mission of providing high-quality care and education. This position will assist the teaching team with instructional responsibilities fostering development across each domain.


  • 9 hour Parent Communication (required)
  • 3 hour ADA (required)
  • 3 hour Health and Safety (required)
  • 45 hours Infants/Toddlers + 45 hours Child Growth & Development (required) 
  • 2 hour Breastfeeding + 3 hour SIDS training (required)
  • A.A or B.S in Early Childhood Education /or/ B.S in other related fields (preferred)
  • Proficiency in the English Language
  • Proficiency in Arabic (preferred but not required)
  • experience in Montessori (preferred)



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General Requirements for all positions


  • Firm understanding of child development and developmentally appropriate practices

  • Experience using positive guidance and developing strategies to guide children’s behavior
  • Understanding of Creative Curriculum and NAEYC Standards
  • Ensure the learning environment is kept safe and clean
  • Ability to lift up to 40lbs
  • Ability to go on long walks
  • Ability to work cooperatively in team settings
  • Ability to perform duties while sitting and or standing for a lengthy period of time to meet children's needs
  • Observe and record children's growth, development and behavior using electronic portfolios
  • Create open, positive partnerships with families


·       Follows and support all AM policies at all times, as exclaimed in the Staff parent Manual.

·       Follows and supports the AM Code of Conduct at all times. Reports violations, questions, or concerns about the code of conduct to the Executive Director



·       Works as part of a team to create, develop, and implement developmentally appropriate care and education, including, but not limited to, establishing appropriate relationships and routines for activities such as meal time, nap time, and diapering / toileting.

·       Work as part of a team to keep records such as: information about each child eating sleeping, and diapering; information about each child's development; curriculum planning, calendars, attendance, supply request, etc.



·       Considers the safety of AM children the top priority at all times. Actively supervises children by sight and sound, constantly taking roll throughout the day, and maintaining communication with the Center in regard to the safety and needs of each child.

·       Work as part of a team to provide to the development, health, welfare and safety of a group of children

·       Becomes familiar, and shows understanding of, illness and exclusion criteria, health and safety policies and regulations

·       Obtains and keeps currents first aid and CPR certifications



·       Participates in ongoing professional development

·       Meet annual requirements for professional development.

·       Models professionalism at all times, including, but not limited to: professional appearance, good attendance, adherence to policy, positive attitude, professional communications, thorough completion of assigned tasks, duties, and responsibilities, and commitment to professional growth and the field of early childhood education.

·       Acts as a professional in the ways outlined in the AM code of Conduct and NAEYC Code of Ethics