Aya, meaning “Model” in Arabic, is a center that aims to nurture Muslim children in mind, body and spirit through Montessori Education and with our developed Arabic and Islamic curriculum inspired by the Montessori way.

It all started when...

The idea of Aya Center started with the birth of the first grandson in a nurturing family of educators, entrepreneurs and artists. This project further stemmed from understanding the Prophetic Tradition: “Your Lord has a right upon you, yourself has a right upon you and your family (community) has a right upon you”, which formulated the need for Aya as a healthy environment that supports the community’s next generations.


To educate and raise balanced Muslim American model children through spiritual, social and intellectual growth grounded in Montessori education and infused with Islamic principles. 


To impart Islamic living practices; developing courage, integrity, honesty, and kindness.

To develop independent, critical thinkers based on Islamic discipline.

To instill curiosity and a passion for learning.

To guide in responsive, reflective problem solving and communication.

To champion leadership and innovation.

To promote inner-directed discipline.

To encourage healthy living practices.

To foster respect for the environment and contribute to their community and planet.